Aberration dinos on ragnarok ini

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Zefi View Profile View Posts. It was working fine, now i tried to use my config for aberration dinos on ragnarok.

But its not really working, sometimes it does for the first creatre, sometimes it doesnt Anyone can tell me why its not working? Showing 1 - 15 of comments. You've got all the parts, just mashed into a single command in a way that I'm not sure is acceptable. Just do a separate line for each critter. It's safer and easier if you want or need to adjust something. Thank you! Hermit View Profile View Posts.

Originally posted by SteelFire :. For me the crab was the most obvious overspawn, that one seemed to spawn loads whatever settings I had. But all the other creatures did eventually start creeping up too - at first I thought they weren't being affected as they seemed to be much more rare, but after playing for a while I noticed their entries in the server log were steadily rising.

Keep an eye on their numbers, it might take a while for it to show. Of course, there's a possibillity that the recent Ragnarok update fixed the overspawns too, since I ran my tests before that update dropped You may be right Requires Server Update. Originally posted by Hermit :.

Zefi Can i please you to copy here your game. Last edited by Zefi ; 27 Dec, pm. Yeah after some time playing now, it seems that those overspawn issues have been fixed - the creature numbers on my map seem to have stablized and aren't increasing any more. Karkinos still spawn a little more than I would like even though I've throttled their spawns massivley, but at least they do plateau now and stop spawning eventually, unlike those screenies I posted before.

I'll put up my own configs too, in case they help anyone.Home What's new Latest activity Authors. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

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Spawn Entries

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not using admin Thread starter Alex Burton Start date Feb 7, It keeps Alex Burton Guest.

Anyone know how to add Aberration dinos to Ragnarok through Nitrado? Not using admin commands. Robert Betz Guest. Brodie Elworthy Guest.This page contains information on how to control spawn configurations for your ARK server. For PS4 users, click on the appropriately named buttons on the control panel to access and modify the files.

Any changes made via this method will be overwritten when the Modify Server Config tool is used. We strongly suggest to save all of your manual changes on your computer. For all changes to the dinosaur spawn configurations, you want to run a cheat DestroyWildDinos command once the server starts up.

Explanations will be listed further below. Please note, that each entry will not apply to alpha, aberrant, corrupted, or elemental variants of the same dino. Each variant will have its own separate row for editing.

No carriage returns or line breaks! This can be done with one of two ways, either through the Modify Server Config tool or adding in custom replacements in the Game. NOTE : If you wish to replace dinosaurs with their Aberration variants, you will need to add the variants to the spawn tables for the map first, found in the Adding Aberration Dinos to Maps section.

You will also need to add the actual replacement code into the Game. An example of adding Aberrent Trikes to the dune section of Ragnarok can be found below:.

With that added into the Game. Since this is a "manual" edit to the Game. If you use the Modify Server Config tool, simply follow the instructions once again and you will be all set.

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To add non-native dinos to your map, you will need to use code to add them to the spawn lists. For the data below, there are two values to consider when adding dino spawns to your ARK. Using one of the examples below, for adding Griffins to the Island, the code and a breakdown of what's what will look like this:. In this example, I am adding griffins to two different sections of The Island: Mountains and snowy regions.

aberration dinos on ragnarok ini

Since griffins are more likely to be in the mountainous area, I've increased the spawn rates and maximum number of allowed griffins for that region by adjusting EngryWeight and MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow. Hermit's Example. There are issues with spawns in the Aberration cave, as the data for those spawns are being pulled from the Emerald Forest. Requested from Gypboys1this simple set of spawning configuration adds the following dinos to the following locations.

The links below contain resources that can help you build your custom spawn configuration by showing you where dinosaurs already spawn on the map, as well as which dinos spawn in which sections. For information on how to clear out the current dinosaur spawns for your server, expand the following section:.

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From Survival Servers. Spawnable This determines if a dino will spawn.Can anyone tell me what ive done wrong in the coding and maybe help me learn and correct it please?? Thank you in advance. Have you done some searches in the forum? This is a recent one that may help you out, and even provides some links to tools:. Adding dinos from other maps.

Ive already read through that post and from what i can see theres nothing wrong with my coding im just trying to work out what is though. Is this looking any better??

Im flying around my map but cant see any of the creatures spawned yet. Spawn a TEK transmitter and in about 20m see if they appear in it.

Much faster than flying around. What do you mean see if they appear in it??

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Ever use a TEK transmitter? Spawn it as admin. If you access it, it will should all the dinos currently spawned.

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It comes with a dino scanner. Not sure if you have a PC server or Console Server. Rondeau04 I Copy and pasted the lines of Game. Which map are you using also? And the code should be just pasted right into the ini under engine setting make sure to save it. Restart your server and wild dino wipes. It should all work. Is any of the code working at all? Im on Ragnarok. I'm not sure what the issue would be I'm using the exact setting on my rag server and everything works.

Try going to up some dinos and see if they're aberrant they dont look much different except at night.

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And the extinction dinos are only a few of them. No titans or anything like that. Just the gacha, owl, velonsaur and gasbag. Hello, Have you done some searches in the forum? This is a recent one that may help you out, and even provides some links to tools: Adding dinos from other maps Most of the time its syntax or too many spaces.

I do see several syntax issues, ie: when it should be. I would do this: Add only the one dino line of code, then test. That way you know 1 works.

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That other thread I provided does provide a couple of links. One would do the trick.Register now to gain access to all of our features. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies and more.

I've scoured everywhere I can find looking for an answer to this question, so it may just be that it's a buggy feature that isn't working as intended yet, but I just have to see if anyone has gotten it to work here. Aberration naturally has foreign, non- aberration dino downloads disabled. Wildcard has released a GUS. My problem is that said argument does nothing. The foreign dino a test dilo in this instance shows up in the download section, but is greyed out. I am wanting to set up a progression, boss and dossier completion multimap run, and when the time comes to move from SE to AB, I will need to have this working.

Adding Aberration/Extinction Dinos to my Ragnarok Map.

Has anyone managed to get this option to actually work ingame, or is it just a tossup for when it actually will work? I am having a similair issue, I am able to transfer dinos to aberration just fine but unable to transfer from aberration.

When trying to download the dinos from the obi or server from Ragnarok or Scorched Earth, the dinos are greyed out.

One of the players on my cluster transfered a Fire wyvern to aberration and now it is stuck, when trying to bring it back, it is greyed out in the obi. The settings I have are as follows on all 3 of my cluster servers. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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aberration dinos on ragnarok ini

Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies and more Sign In Sign Up. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts.I remember on ragnarok I had a huge ini that allowed extinction and aberation dino's to spawn with a slight bug on one island that had a tad too many crabs lol but cant seem to find one for the new map.

The code is all the same. Just need to change the dino and the region. You can find the region's codes online and the dino codes as well. Everything is will be exactly the same.

I was hoping someone may have a ready made one to save me having to reinvent the wheel You should be able to find them pretty quickly.

aberration dinos on ragnarok ini

Also I would suggest always keeping a backup of your ini file in notepad. I did lookon the forum but "valgeuro" only shows 6 results so I assumed no one had asked the question before.

Configuring this on a tablet at work at mo so I have about 12 tabs open and dealing with a wierd game. It can be anything you like. The EntryWeight field is how likely the creature is to be picked to spawn, versus all the other creatures which can spawn in an area.

By default all weights are 1. While reducing it to 0. And finally the MaxPercentage line is a limit on how many of that dino can spawn in an area, compared to the maximum number of creatures in the area.

It is used to prevent overspawning, where one creature with a high spawn weight is picked over and over again and squeezes all other creatures out. At that point it will stop spawning that creature and fill up the remaining slots with other creatures on it's spawn list instead. As an overall example, here's a code which adds Aberration Ravagers to the canyon area in Ragnarok, as quite a rare spawn:. It you have multiple, the game will operate the first one and ignore the rest. So you have to add multiple creatures into the same config to make it recognise them all.

Just waiting for work to finishso I can actually create the code tried a few times but with this tablets annoying habit of missing spaces and low ram it was too much lol.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

aberration dinos on ragnarok ini

Global Achievements. Boop the Snoot! View Profile View Posts. Yesterday I read something how to spawn abberation creatures in Ragnarok so it is possible to spawn abbration creatures in the Map Ragnarok. The wrote something with npc spawner and some codes. So it is possible to spawn the creature automaticly not manually?

And if it is possible what about the reaper where she spawn then? And the nameless? If it really possible can u explain it step by step? The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by Hermit :. Showing 1 - 15 of 67 comments.

Even if you add them to the spawn containers. The mechanics for the nameless may not work darkness and charge. Hermit View Profile View Posts. As mentioned above, dinos with special spawn mechanics, like the reaper and nameless' burrowing underground, may not work on other maps - you'd have to use the specific console commands to spawn those. However getting other dinos to spawn on the map is totally possible. Just go to your game. NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString is the spawning node that you wish to add the creatures to, the location on the map where you want them to appear.

EntryWeight is how frequently this creature will be spawned, in comparison to all other creatures in the area.

Stealing Wyvern Eggs Solo in Ragnarok the Easy Way: Ark Survival Evolved How to and Tips

A high weight 2. MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow will set a maximum limit of how many creatures of this type can be spawned in an area, irrespective of spawn weight. It's a percentage, so 1. This means that you can balance the creatures to spawn in an area without them completely overruling other spawns and preventing other dinos from appearing. When that limit is reached, the game will stop spawning dodos and fill up the rest of the spawns with other creatures instead.

Otherwise the game will only use the first one and ignore the others. Hm, that's an odd one o. O What program are you using to edit the file? Originally posted by EgoistNico :.

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